Holiday Compilation

We’re here this week to bring you all of the best moments from our first four interviews! Next week, Carly and Laura from Foxfeather will be here to talk about their upcoming shows as well as new (released and unreleased) music!


We’re so grateful for you tuning in the past 10 episodes. This has been so much fun so far, and we’re excited to bring you even better content in 2019!


From all of us at SoundON Studios – happy holidays – we’ll see you in 2019!

December 19 through December 25 Music News & Interview with Clay Rose of Gasoline Lollipops

Clay Rose of Gasoline Lollipops is here! We’re going to talk to him about their show on New Years Eve at The Fox in Boulder; Clay’s songwriting process; and a whole bunch more!


Next week, we’re taking the week off! We’re putting together a highlight reel of the first four artists we featured on SoundON as a gift to you.


We’ve got your music calendar for the week right here – but first, we’re happy to hear that last night Kyle Donovan, who was on episode four of SoundON Podcast, successfully funded his Kickstarter campaign for his new album, Then and Now. We are super excited for him. We got in touch to ask him if we could call him to talk about it, and he offered to stop by the studio to chat! 


Wednesday December 19


La Vita Bella

Thomas Gronberg at 6PM

Rosalee’s Pizzeria

Dale Cisek and Mike Ryan Duo at 7PM


Thursday, December 20


Tasty Weasel

Clay Rose at 6PM

Vance Brand Civic Auditorium

FACE Vocal Band Holiday Show at 7PM

The Root Kava Co

David Lawrence at 9PM

License Number 1

George Nelson Band at 9PM


Friday, December 21


Still Cellars

Winter Solstice with Peter Flom at 6PM

Tasty Weasel

Strangebyrds at 5PM

Pearl Street Pub

Kevin Dooley at 5PM

Lazy Dog Boulder

Garden Party at 9PM

Laughing Goat

NPR duo at 9PM

License Number 1

Vudu Sunshine at 9PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Lionel Young at 7:30PM


Saturday, December 22


Bootstrap Longmont

Native Station at 6PM

The Speakeasy

Johnny & the Mongrels at 8:30PM

Tasty Weasel

Wylie “Crazyhorse” Jones at 4:30PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

One Flew West at 8:30PM

Longtucky Spirits

Taylor Shae Duo at 7PM

Laughing Goat

Zoe Berman at 8PM

The Dark Horse

Jim Bradford Band at 10PM

Beyond the Mountain Brewing

Rusty 44 at 6PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

The Delta Sonics at 8PM

Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar

The Vipers at 7:30PM

The Root Kava Co

Grant Sabin at 9PM

License Number 1

Banshee Tree at 9PM


Sunday, December 23


Oskar Blues Longmont

Bluegrass Brunch at 10 AM

Tasty Weasel

Jon Ridnell at 3PM


Shanna in a Dress at 3PM

Mountain Sun Boulder

Resonant Rogues at 10PM


That’s it for our music news! Clay Rose of Gasoline Lollipops is here to chat!


We’ve got a special holiday episode for you next week, and a fantastic interview to kick off 2019. We’re so grateful for your listening, and we’ll see you all in 2019!

December 5 to December 11 Music News & Interview with Maya Bennett

Maya Bennett is here. We’re going to talk to her about her album, As the Pink Fades. She’s also going to let us play a few tracks off of the album and play a song for us live in studio!

If you are an artist or venue, and would like your show featured, e-mail us –


Music Calendar


Wednesday Dec 5


Boulder In-the-Round’s 4th Anniversary Party at 7PM featuring-

  • Shanna in a Dress
  • Kyle Donovan
  • Antonio Lopez
  • Theresa Peterson
  • Pamela Machala
  • Dave Tamkin
  • Heatherlyn Music
  • Hunter Stone

The Laughing Goat

Folk Songs & Glass Bongs at 8PM

Still Cellars

MoJazz Duo at 6:30PM


Thursday Dec 6

The Riverside

13th annual rocking in a winter wonderland at 6pm

Tasty Weasel

Ryan Chrys at 6PM

The Fox Theatre

Grateful Shred at 7:30PM

St Vrain Cidery

Sean Flynn Music at 6PM

License No 1

George Nelson Band at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Dominick Antonelli at 8PM

Friday Dec 7


Homevibe & eTown present Paul Kimbiris w/ Kind Hearted Strangers at 7PM

Still Cellars

Emily Barnes at 6PM

The Roost

Mag Dog Blues Trio at 8:30PM

New Belgium

Foxfeather at 5:30PM

Old Colorado Brewing

Antonio Lopez at 6:30PM

Laughing Goat

Ramaya and the Trubadours at 8PM

Tasty Weasel

Grant and Tone at 5PM

Lazy Dog Boulder

Flash Friday at 9:30PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Tiffany Christopher at 7:30PM

Upslope Brewery

Andrew Wynne at 6PM

Saturday Dec 8

Grossen Bart

Jackson Cloud at 7PM

Dannik’s Gunbarrel Corner Bar

Deborah Stafford & the State of Affairs at 7:30PM

Longtucky Spirits

The Dirty Duo at 7PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Francis and the Wolf at 8:30PM

Tasty Weasel

Erik Boa Duo at 4:30PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Policulture at 8PM

License No 1

Banshee Tree at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Miriam McQueen at 8 PM

Sunday Dec 9

St Vrain Cidery

The High Road Home Trio at 4PM

Oskar Blues Longmont

Bluegrass Brunch at 10AM

Laughing Goat

Liv Phoenix at 8PM

Tasty Weasel

Chris Dismuke at 3PM

Mountain Sun

Envy Alo at 8PM

Monday Dec 10

BDT Stage

FACE at 6:30PM

Laughing Goat

Jason Brandt at 10PM


Tuesday Dec 11

Live on KGNU

Gasoline Lollipops at 7PM


That’s it for music news! Maya Bennett is here!

Check out this episode!

November 21 through November 27 Music News & Interview with Kyle Donovan

Kyle Donovan is in studio today. We’re going to talk about his new album, Then and Now. We’re also going to be hearing three songs from the album.

If you are an artist or venue and would like to have your show featured on SoundON, e-mail us at



Music News

Maya Bennett has a new album out with As the Pink Fades. It’s available on BandCamp


Music Calendar

Wednesday November 21

Bootstrap Brewing

The Invasion at 6PM

Laughing Goat

Clare Threrese at 8PM

Oskar Blues Boulder

Many Mountains at 7:30PM

Thursday November 22

License No 1 – Boulder

George Nelson Band at 9PM

Friday November 23

The Wild Game

The Hazel Miller Band at 8PM

Dicken’s Opera House

Paradise Theatre and The Petty Nicks Experience at 8PM

Tasty Weasel

Lionel Young Duo at 5PM

License No 1 – Boulder

Silent Bear Trio at 9PM

Lazy Dog – Boulder

A-Mac & The Height at 9PM

Oskar Blues – Boulder

Walker Shellist Duo at 7:30PM

Saturday November 24

Bootstrap Brewing

Bootstrap Thanksgiving Show at 6PM

Dicken’s Opera House

Bon Jovi Tribute at 7PM

The Roost

Zach Day at 7PM

Oskar Blues – Longmont

Chris K & Friends at 8:30PM

Tasty Weasel

George Nelson Trio at 4:30PM

Wild Woods – Boulder

Bo DePena at 5PM

Gunbarrel Brewing

Jeff and Paige at 11AM

Beyond The Mountain – Boulder

Jackie & The Racket at 6PM

Oskar Blues – Boulder

Johnny O at 8PM

License No 1 – Boulder

Banshee Tree at 9PM

Laughing Goat

Moonlit Wild at 9PM

Sunday November 25

St Vrain Cidery

Thomas Gronberg at 4PM

Oskar Blues – Boulder

Bluegrass Brunch

Left Hand Brewing

Scott Von at 4:30PM

Laughing Goat

Cloud Crest at 9PM

Tasty Weasel

David Booker at 3PM

Mountain Sun – Boulder

Dechen Hawk Band at 10PM

Tuesday November 27

Boulder Theatre

Chris Isaak & Silvertone at 7PM

That’s it for music news! Kyle Donovan is our guest. Tune in to hear all about his new album, kickstarter, and a whole bunch more!

November 7 through November 13 Music News & Interview with John Bunzli

John Bunzli is here in studio to talk about his new album, Four. We’re also going to get an exclusive listen to two new tracks off of the album! You’ll be hearing John’s music first here on SoundON!

If you are a musician or venue, send us your show calendar.


Music Calendar

Wednesday November 7


Boulder In-the-Round at 7PM

Still Cellars

A Human Named David at 6:30 PM

Laughing Goat

Anna PS, Saw Black, and Clayton England at 8PM

Thursday November 8

St. Vrain Cidery

Tim Ostdiek at 6PM

Tasty Weasel

Johnny O at 6PM

Laughing Goat

Paper Moonshine at 8PM

Friday November 9

Rialto Theater

Opening the Doors Fundraiser Event featuring The Strange Parade (Doors Tribute) with a pre-show by John Bunzil Band at 5PM

Dickens Opera House

Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene / Mojomama at 7PM

Avogadro’s Number

Carry Morin CD Release Party at 8 PM

Stein Brewing Company – Boulder

Lowfive at 7PM

Magic Rat Live Music

Heather Maloney at 7PM

Tasty Weasel

Hillbilly Hellcats at 5PM

Grossen Bart Brewery

Stomp Street Heist at 7PM

Laughing Goat

The Weird w/ Jeff Lambert and JC McKim

The Roost

John Mieras at 8:30PM

Saturday November 10

The Roost

Tilia Americana at 8:30PM

Left Hand Brewery

Nitro Fest 2018 – Big Something and MarchFourth – both from Portland, Oregon – 4PM – 10PM

MarchFourth is a joy-inducing force of entertainment. The colorful explosion of brassy funk, rock, and jazz is all about the groove. This larger-than-life group of musicians and acrobats tours the country year-round, bringing a spirit of celebration wherever they go. MarchFourth is, in a word, FUN!

BIG Something is a 6 piece powerhouse with a sound that is both unique and timeless, Big Something fuses elements of rock, pop, funk, and improvisation to take listeners on a journey through a myriad of musical styles

House Concert – Find Facebook event for details

Maya Bennett Album Release – As The Pink Fades

Tasty Weasel

Bonnie and Taylor Sims at 4:30PM

Armory FoCo

Darrell Scott at 7PM – SOLD OUT

Oskar Blues Hand Made Liquids and Solids

Cass Clayton at 8:30PM

Laughing Goat

Frank Moore at 8PM

Boulder Farmer’s Market

Shanna In a Dress at 10AM

Sunday November 11

Gold Inn

Kate Farmer Solo at 5PM

Paul Kimbris at 7PM

The Fox Theatre

Voodoo Dead ft Steve Kimock, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti and John Morgan Kimock at 7PM

Bootstrap Brewing

Outlaw Country Jamboree at 1PM

Laughing Goat

Shanna in a Dress at 9PM

Monday November 12

Laughing Goat

David Burchfield, Theresa Peterson, and Billy Shaddox at 8PM

Tuesday November 13

Grossen Bart

Andy Eppler’s Open Mic at 6PM


Our guest is a Colorado based singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist. He has been gaining recognition for his tight, catchy songs, which often explore the darker side of the human condition, but always do so with a sense of compassion and sincerity.  He is also a gifted musician and whether he is playing guitar, banjo or ukulele, it is clear that his instrument functions almost like an extra limb, an integral part of him. His vibrant, resonant voice is tailor made for telling his tales of the trials and tribulations of ordinary folks.


John Bunzil is here in studio to talk about his new album, Four!

Listen to the show to hear the interview with John and hear exclusive tracks off of his new album. Thank you John for joining us in the studio! Find John on Facebook!

Again, If you would like to get your show on SoundON Podcast, e-mail us at

Thank you for listening to SoundON! We’ll see you next week!